Will of Earth
Takagi Mental Hospital   2001

Takagi Mental Hospital has a small facility for transitioning patients that is in the forest. Called "Forest Wing," it opened in March of 2001.Forest Wing is surrounded by ceder woods and an immense Japanese green tea field, a very beautiful setting. 
When the client commissioned sculpture for this facility, I chose to make a site specific group of sculptures in front of the building. My feeling is that these create a small cosmos. The space is a 162m2 in the front "yard" of the building. Five pieces of white granite sculpture were installed to create a view that takes in the forest, the tea fields and Mt Mayuyama and Mt Unzen in the distance, as well. 
Some of the stones are rough boulders, carved and chiseled, and some areas are smoothed and polished. I wanted to add a warm human touch to the sculpture. 
At the edge of the tea field another sculpture was commissioned.The patients of Forest Wing work in the tea fields everyday. During their workday water flows gently over the sculpture creating the calming sound of a small stream.

高城病院 森のウイング